Release of new video testimonial on the relevance of certification for technology developers - featuring Tocardo Tidal Power   

February 6, 2019

One of the objectives of the MET-CERTIFIED project is to actively involve and communicate with the 5 most important target groups around certification, being investors/insurers, technology developers, test centres, certification bodies and regulators. Testimonial videos are being produced to explain the relevance of certification of marine energy technologies for the various target groups.

Today we are releasing the second of our 5 video testimonials!  The video features Tocardo Tidal Power, a Dutch founded and based company and global leader in tidal energy solutions, who talks about the importance of certification for marine energy technology from a technology developer's point of view. They stress the importance of having the same quality standards in technology development, how important it is to start the process of certification as soon as possible and how certification lowers the risk for investment.

Watch the video here: