MET-CERTIFIED for Test facilities

Are you a Test facility?  Find out here what MET-CERTIFIED  can do for you​​r marine energy projects !​

Why participate?

MET-CERTIFIED develops international standards for certification of marine energy projects
Certification helps reduce project uncertainty and risk, leading to more commercial and bankable marine energy projects

  • MET-CERTIFIED can give you the opportunity to learn about a new service offering to test marine energy devices, cfr. international IEC testing standards and certification rules
  • By offering this new test service, you can increase your international credibility as a test facility
  • MET-CERTIFIED will give you the chance to gain advantage from accreditation of partner test facilities, you can   
    partner with other facilities or people involved in the project to get accreditation at your facility  

What can you expect?

  • We offer knowledge awareness and insight about accreditation
  • We can provide you with early information on new certification schemes that are being developed and tested in the project
  • We offer a network and sharing experiences of other testing facilities and partners
  • We offer you the opportunity to contribute to the MET-CERTIFIED developments   
  • You can find partners for joint-service offering and provision

What can you already do?