MET-CERTIFIED for Technology developers / Industry

Are you a Technology developer?  Find out here what MET-CERTIFIED  can do for you​​r marine energy projects !​​​

Why participate?

MET-CERTIFIED develops type international standards for certification of marine energy projec
Certification helps reduce project uncertainty and risk, leading to more commercial and bankable marine energy projects

  • MET-CERTIFIED will result in the bankability of an emerging sector. This will give you the first mover economic advantage for marine energy developments =>
    • ​New jobs
    • Increasing turnover

  • Your company might be currently not active yet in marine energy, but in the supply chain of
    • Offshore energy technology
    • Oil & gas
    • Marine renewables, fisheries
  • However, the skillset and the type of services and technologies that your company offers, could be applied in this new market for you to participate in.


What can you expect?

  • We can provide you with early information on technologies, test labs, certification bodies/schemes available and applicable for your type of technology
  • You can prep your technology by using the right regulation and state of the art certification schemes recognized by international public regulators, insurers, investors/financers, that are supported by international certification bodies and validated by multiple real life trials
  • We offer a network and sharing experiences of other developers and partners
  • We offer you the opportunity to contribute to the MET-CERTIFIED developments    

What can you already do?

  • Get yourself acquainted with current regulations & standards
  • Take into account lessons learned from past developments
  • Contact us in early design phase to prevent mistakes already known by MET-CERTIFIED partners, or to retrieve more information or if you want help in your IEC / IECRE participation
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  • Become an observer partner to the project
    • Technology developers involved in MET-CERTIFIED:
      • ​SME/Schottel (as observer)

A technology developer's testimonal about the importance of certification 

Tocardo Solutions explains why certification is so important for marine energy from the technology developer's point of view.