17 observer partners support the MET-CERTIFIED project and will carry out activities related to communication, stakeholder engagement or help develop IEC standards.

  1. Dutch Energy from Water Association (NL)
  2. InnovationQuarter (NL)
  3. France Energies Marines (FR)
  4. IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission (LUX)
  5. Ocean Energy Europe (BE)
  6. WaveHub (UK)
  7. Province of South Holland (NL)
  8. EEL Energy (FR)
  9. International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement on Ocean Energy Systems (PRT)
  10. Sustainable Marine Energy (UK)
  11. Bureau Veritas (FR)
  12. Delft University of Technology (NL)
  13. Flanders’ Maritime Cluster (BE)
  14. Marine Offshore Renewables (UK)
  15. European Innovation Partnership Water Action Group on Energy and Water Works (NL)
  16. Bluewater Energy Services (NL)
  17. French Marine Industry Group GICAN (FR)

Do you want to become an observer partner yourself and find out more about the benefits this could bring to your organisation?
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Peter Scheijgrond
Project coordinator MET-CERTIFIED
Tidal Testing Centre
Tel: +31 227 712 018