Interested in becoming an official MET-CERTIFIED observer?
MET-CERTIFIED aims to increase the adoption of insurable and therefore bankable marine energy projects in the 2 seas region (and beyond) through the development of internationally recognized standards and certification schemes in the sector.

The project consortium consists of 10 partners and 17 observer partners and we would like to welcome you as our next observer! The project runs to the end of 2019 and likely beyond.

What can you expect as an official MET-CERTIFIED observer?
  • Involvement: As an observer partner you will become actively involved in the development of internationally recognized standards and certification schemes for the marine energy industry. Share, exchange and discuss your experience in the field with the project partners and other observer partners.
  • Information: You will receive project progress updates, project results and recommendations first-hand and will get general MET-CERTIFIED information through newsletters, social media posts, our website and any other communication channels. You will also be invited to participate in ongoing discussions on the project (technical, financial or general topics) on our private discussion forum.
  • Network: Observer partners will be invited to join relevant meetings, workshops and MET-CERTIFIED hosted events and will thereby get the opportunity to reinforce their network in the marine energy sector.
  • Visibility: All observer partners are promoted with a logo and link on our MET-CERTIFIED website and we share relevant observer partner news and information with our network.

We currently have 17 observer partners who take up different roles within the scope of the project. We would like you to formulate your potential role as an observer in MET-CERTIFIED and hereby provide some pointers to consider.

Observer role in the project

  • Help develop IEC standards: adopt the project outputs as part of your own activities and where feasible engage in or give feedback on project activities from your own field of expertise.
  • Carry out activities related to communication: use your own communication channels to help disseminate project announcements, press releases, events, etc.
  • Stakeholder engagement: link stakeholders from your own network to those of the project and help the network to grow.
  • Project commitment: participate in project meetings, workshops, (co-host) events, etc. (when relevant).

If you decide to join as an official observer to the project, we will ask you to fill in a template of an observer letter. This letter needs to be dated and signed by an official, but not necessarily a legal, representative of your organization who has the authority to commit to participation in this project.
Becoming an observer
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