Nederlands Elektrotechnisch Comité (NL)

About NEC

Standardization in the fields of Electrical Engineering and ICT focuses on safety, health, quality and promotion of international goods and services.  This promotes unrestrained European (EU) and global (GATT) exchange of goods and services.
NEC represents Dutch companies and parties to make agreements with centers in other countries at European (CENELEC) and global level (IEC).



NEC / NEN has a number of roles in this project. For example, the requirements for and expectations of future-time certification of future-time Tier projections of the standards and certification systems to be developed should be collected.  In addition, it is important to ensure the learnings and recommendations of the project and to inform the IEC and IECRE standardization and certification committees.  Another role that NEN has is the implementation of the quality assurance system.