MET-CERTIFIED for Investors / Insurers

Are you an investor or insurer?  Find out here what MET-CERTIFIED  can do for you​​r marine energy projects !​

Why participate?

  • MET-CERTIFIED develops international standards for type certification of marine energy projects
  • Certification can help reduce project uncertainty and risk
  • Participating will help shape certification so that it meets your needs
  • Your risk assessor can use this type certification as input for your project certification and go into commercial and bankable marine energy projects

What can you expect?

  • We can provide you with early information so you know what is coming up and can align risk assessments of marine energy projects with certification development in an early phase.     
  • We offer a network and sharing experiences of investers / insurers and partners
  • We offer you the opportunity to contribute to the MET-CERTIFIED developments.​     

What can you already do?

An investor's testimonal about the importance of certification 

Andrew Smith of Deja Blue Consulting explains from an invester's point of view why certification is so important for a marine energy technology developer.