WP1: Type certification of existing tidal power technologies
  • D 1.1.3 Reliability testing guideline
  • D 1.2.1 National workshops lead by NEC (NL), PTEC (UK), POM (BE), IFREMER (FR)
  • D 1.2.2 Cross-border workshop 
  • D 1.2.3 Workshop reports 
  • D 1.3.1 Annual reports from IEC and IECRE meetings on standardisation and certification
  • D 1.3.2 Recommendations reports  
  • D 1.4.2 Recommendations on TS 62600-202 scale testing
  • D 1.5.1 Certification of a Floating tidal power solution - Recommendations for procedure adaptation 
  • D 1.6.1 Certification of inshore tidal stream turbines - Recommendations for procedure adaptation 
  • D 1.7.1 Certification of a semi-submerged tidal power solution - Recommendations for procedures adaption  
  • D 1.8.2 B2B meetings and events  
  • D 1.8.3 Organised site visits for potential clients  
  • D 1.8.4 Facilitation of access to test sites  

WP2: Project Certification for full cycle design, build install and operate array scale Project
  • D 2.2.1 Pre-consented site under a 'Rochdale Envelope' 
  • D 2.2.3 Site Data and Environmental Monitoring Report  
  • D 2.4.1 Delivery of floating platform
  • D 2.5.2 Delivery of prototype turbines  
  • D 2.7.1 Report with recommendations for procedures adaption  
  • D 2.8.1 Best practices for tidal certification test sites in the 2Seas Region  
  • D 2.8.2 Feasability study for a multidisciplinary Marine Innovation Location in Belgium 
  • D 2.9.1 Position papers with case studies and recommendations on barriers and bottlenecks for market uptake


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