Dutch Marine Energy Centre (NL)

About DMEC

The Dutch Marine Energy Centre is a not-for-profit network and consulting organisation for the marine energy sector.  They aim to accelerate technology, innovation and business development, shorten the time to market for marine energy devices and boost their export to global markets.

With a wide range of services they enable the development of joint products and businesscases worldwide and the building of strategic collaborations between technology developers, research institutes, universities and offshore.  They are closely connected to high potential technology developers, renowned academic institutes, and test facilities where new technologies are demonstrated.

At DMEC, they contribute to the global energy transition by supporting this emerging and high potential sector.  Their commitment to a better world.




The role of DMEC within the MET-CERTIFIED project is that of coordinator.  They make sure that all tasks set out in the projectplan are carried out accordingly and within the estimated timeline by the 10 partners and 17 observer partners in order to correctly disseminate the project's results in 2019.