Having a look at standards before you buy them? It is possible at CEB-BEC (BE)  

April 1, 2019

The BEC (Belgian Electrotechnical Committee npo) is a neutral and independent standardisation platform for electrotechnics and electronics in Belgium. The BEC ensures  that Belgian interests are represented at the European and international level and that European and international electrotechnical and electronic standards are implemented.

It publishes and distributes European and international standards in the Belgian market, offers its know-how and experience in a number of ways and provides ready-to-use standardisation documents to stakeholders active in Belgium within the domain of electrotechnics and electronics. 

But what if you are not sure which standard is right for your company? Did you know that at the BEC you can consult their extensive library of electrotechnical standards free of charge? Just make an appointment and look at any standard you like.

To explain how this works, have a look at this short video: