Certification in the context of raising capital: final report of finance workshop and feedback on Blue Invest, Malta (Andrew Smith)   

February 5, 2019

After two successful finance workshops by Andrew Smith (Deja Blue Consulting), hosted by MET-CERTIFIED, a final report was written to demonstrate the strong linkages between certification and investment. This report looks at this linkage from the viewpoint of the three main types of stakeholder: technology developers, certifiers and investors.
The report is now available on the MET-CERTIFIED forum, as part of an extensive toolkit to support investments in marine energy technology. This forum is for registered members. Apply for membership via our website: register for the MET-CERTIFIED discussion forum.
Furthermore, the link between finance and certification was promoted through the Blue Invest event in Malta in January 2019. Blue Invest is a match-making event that brings together innovators and the financial community to sustainably develop the Blue Economy of the Mediterranean Sea basin, while protecting its marine resources.
Andrew Smith was invited to this event as one of the speakers, shedding a light on the investor's perspective as part of a double interview with someone from the entrepreneur’s side. He also featured in a panel during company pitching sessions and could talk to many interested parties during this event being able to encourage parties to look to the MET-CERTIFIED project for information and examples.
A couple of pictures of this event (copyright: Blue Invest - EU Mare)

More info:  https://blue-invest-mediterranean.b2match.io/ 

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